Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh Brother Where Art Thou? In Singapore!

My brother Wesley is in town visiting for 10 days. He only arrived last Friday, but he's already seen and done so much. Allow me to re-cap the highlights:

Wesley meets the Merlion
His first night in Singapore, Wesley experienced an Earth-shaking thunder and lightning storm, to which I cried, "I think the building just exploded!!!" Fortunately this didn't seem to phase Wesley.

We went to Lau Pa Sat for lunch on Saturday. Wesley was introduced to chicken rice and carrot cake, and washed it down with some lime juice.

After lunch we walked along the bayfront under the scorching sun, and he met the famous Merlion, Singapore's symbol of tourism. 

Then he treated Julius and me to a mind-blowing dessert sesh at The Fullerton Hotel. We shared a lemon tart, a piece of cheesecake, and a chocolate eclair, and all three were some of the best I've ever tasted. Well done Fullerton Hotel. 

After the dessert pit-stop we cruised over to the casino at the Marina Bay Sands where we lost a whole three dollars playing the Sex and the City slot machine, and I got reprimanded for photograph taking. We were disappointed to have found no free food; on the other hand, we did manage to get free soft drinks, tea, and coffee. Remember to bring your passport if you're going to the casino, as they won't let you in without it.  

Interesting fact: Singaporeans and Permanent Residents have to pay S$100 to get in, whereas foreigners do not. This is to discourage gambling among Singaporeans and PRs. Despite these efforts, the place seemed to be chock full of Singaporeans, so I don't think the plan is working. The government is making a killing though!

The Singapore Flyer
It was the Singapore Flyer's fourth anniversary, so we got 4 tickets for S$60, which was half off the normal price. It was a good deal and we enjoyed the "flight", but we wouldn't have gone if it hadn't been for the discount. 

After the flyer we went to Glutton's Bay for a dinner consisting of beef satay sticks, green beans drowned in garlic, and fried chicken. Simply delicious. 

It was only 8pm on Saturday night, and we had plans to go to Sophie's friend Manisha's apartment. There we enjoyed good company and we drank Gentleman Jack and Alizé until midnight. End result of all the drinking: Manisha's mom dressing Sophie and me up in traditional Indian wear.

We spent Sunday in Johor, Malaysia visiting friends Che Fai, Eileen, and their new baby Ivan. It was only about an hour bus ride from Boon Lay to Bukit Indah in Malaysia, including getting out of the bus twice to go through the Singapore and then the Malaysian border controls. 

In total we must have had five or six meals that day. We think Che Fai was endeavoring to fatten us up like Hansel and Gretel before taking us to his gingerbread house in the rain forest, where he could keep us captive before eating us for supper. He did end up taking us to a beautiful waterfall in the rain forest, but we fortunately made it out alive. We almost lost Wesley though when he slipped on some moss and bounced off a rock before regaining his balance and narrowing avoiding falling into the river. That happened right before the picture below was taken.

Che Fai and Eileen should win the World's Best Hosts award. We had an amazing day and ate so much great food. Thanks guys!!

Julius, Che Fai, Kelly, and Wesley and Old Town White Coffee in Johor, Malaysia

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  1. 1) Do you think Wesley will ever stop growing?

    2) Your honest comparison between the lemon tart described and Susanna's?