Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Last Suppers (and Lunches!)

It's hard leaving a place you've been for 3 months, but at a certain point you feel ready, because you know it's inevitable and you've come to terms with that and accepted it. Nonetheless, there will always be things you are bound to miss, like good friends, delicious food like hot doughy Roti Prata with curry, and the deafening sound and earthy smell of tropical thunderstorms.

Goodbye Lunch with the lab at Prata Wala. From left to right: Kumudu, Azhar, Kelly, Julius, Domenico, Ferdinan, and Mohammed

Of course there are some things you probably won't miss, like some people on the train not wearing any deodorant and having really bad body odor, and the thick sticky humid air, and people pushing their way into the train before you've had a chance to get out. But all in all, we've had a really good time here in Singapore, and we're going to miss it!

It's a shame to be leaving right after we've discovered a delectable Italian restaurant nearby. Alex and Heath took us to Valentino's, an amazing family-run Italian restaurant in Bukit Timah. We had some exceptional food: buffalo mozzarella burrata, 3-month cured beef Bresaola, Risotto ai funghi porcini, and pizza with spicy sausage, porcini and tuffle oil. The food is excellent at Valentino's, but if you go there, try to resist the urge to eat too much because it would be a shame if you didn't save room for dessert from Perla's Pastry Boutique. The pastries are all hand made by Perla. We sampled a variety, and they were all delicious. 

Clockwise from upper left hand corner: Chocolate rum raisin cake, creme caramel, hazelnut panna cotta, and tiramisu
A personal sized apple pie. We bought this at the boutique and had it the next day after lunch. 
 Next up for this week: Leaving drinks downtown, then packing and getting ready for our trip to Kyoto and Shanghai! 


  1. Kelly, there's a book here, with your descriptive and entertaining commentary and Julius' photography. Think about it.

  2. "people pushing their way into the train before you've had a chance to get out" - that pisses me off too! Although it is probably less frequent here in polite Britain.