Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bali Part III

The night of Friday, March 9th, the entire jetty at Ayana Resort and Spa was only for us. Bamboo xylophone players beckoned Julius and me to our table, which was set atop bamboo mat covered in rose petals. The dining area was separated from the rest of the jetty by a bamboo curtain, and bamboo decorations had been affixed to the pier's railing. I felt like Julius and I were the only couple in the world. Two oil burning torches cast a primitive glow on the surroundings, and the gold and white umbrella decorations reminded us that we were on the tropical island of Bali. The sun was setting, and waves crashed melodically on the shore. Drinks in hand, we posed for a few pictures taken by our very own dedicated waiter, then tried our hand at the bamboo xylophones before sitting down at our secluded table.

The table was decorated with a beachy sea theme. There was a beautiful conch shell, a white ceramic holder with a tiny candle inside, and a picture in a driftwood decorated frame, which was ours to keep as a souvenir of our special evening. I examined the framed picture. It was of the romantic pier setting, along with our names, the date, and the menu of the extravagant supper in which we were about to indulge.

The first course was called "Pesta Trio", which was a chicken and mushroom tart with cauliflower purée. This was followed by the Lobster Consommé Royale. Julius is more into "surf"and I'm into "turf", so for the main course he had the duo of steamed rainbow lobster and lobster en croute, while I had the chargrilled beef tenderloin, truffled potato mash, onion confit and port wine reduction. For dessert, a tout guanaja chocolate bomb filled with chocolate mousse for me, and a banana and coffee crème brûlée with Balinese fruit for Julius.

Right before they brought our mains I decided to take a potty break and use the opportunity to discuss possible special birthday arrangements for Julius. The waiter surprised me when he reassured me that the necessary preparations had already been made for "Mr. Julius' birthday." Very impressed with the attentiveness of the Ayana staff, I made my way back down the long creaky pier as the bamboo music filled the balmy night air.

I smiled as I saw Julius waiting for me at the end of the pier, and we embraced while taking in the scenery around us. The sun had set long ago. Everything was quiet, even the bamboo xylophone players had stopped playing. The only sound was the occasional wave rolling past us. We were now completely alone on our little pier, enveloped by the darkness of the sea out to the northwest, and the bejeweled lights of civilization to the east and southeast. As we looked down the pier, the sight of the waiter arriving with our dinner brought us back to reality.

As we finished the delicious main course, we settled back in our chairs in anticipation of the dessert. Glancing up at the sky, it occurred to me that we couldn't see any stars or the moon. That meant it was cloudy, and we both noticed that the tide was rising and the waves had begun crashing more forcefully on the shore. The pier would vibrate a bit when an especially strong set of waves would begin. The weather was changing quickly, as it frequently did in tropical climates.

The sound of approaching footsteps brought my attention back, and before us was a group of waiters carrying a cake and singing happy birthday. I joined in singing and whipped out the camera to take a picture of Julius with his cake.

As we were devouring the tiramisu-style cake, I reminded Julius to save room because they were still bringing the other dessert that came with the meal. And sure enough, soon there after the chocolate lover's delight and crème brûlée masterpiece arrived.

While enjoying the abundance of desserts thoroughly, I felt the first few drops of the impending storm. Remembering how we had got caught in a storm at the Rock Bar just the night before, I told Julius we should start thinking about going soon, as the weather was worsening.

"Not yet," he said.

I shrugged and continued injecting myself with chocolate.

"Something bit me on the leg," Julius said.

"Hm." I was too enthralled in my chocolate binge to pay attention. It was very common to get bitten by insects in tropical countries.

Suddenly he grabbed my hand. I looked up from my dessert, and by the look on his face, I could tell something strange was happening.

He looked so happy and his eyes were sparkling brighter than the stars ever could. Before I could say anything, he started telling me how today was the most special day he'd ever had.

"When I was out there surfing I looked around and the water was so clear and beautiful. It was perfect. I thought about how you had organized this for me and how you were waiting for me so patiently on the beach, and at that moment, I realized I loved you more than surfing."

And with that he got down on one knee and pulled out a little red box. When he opened it, a diamond ring was sparkling as brightly as his eyes. He was still speaking, but I couldn't hear or say anything. As he took the ring out of the box, I thought, Oh god, what if it falls into the sea and is lost forever? Apparently Julius was thinking the same thing because he gripped that ring so tight there was no way it was going anywhere but on my finger. We both stared at it on my hand, mesmerized by its beauty. It was a perfect fit.

"So what is your answer?" He was still on one knee waiting for me to say "yes" or "no."

I blink and without even pausing to think I exclaim, "I do!" with a tremendous smile on my face. We both laugh and kiss each other. Raindrops the size of grapes start landing on us, but we don't care. We're engaged!

The voice of our waiter breaks our embrace. "Mr Julius, the storm is coming! Need to go now!" He's holding an umbrella out to us.

"I just proposed! And she said yes!" Julius was ecstatic.

"Oh, the big one! Congratulations sir!"

The waiter was able to snap a couple of pictures of us before the downpour forced us to high-tail it to a covered table that had been prepared for us at the other end of the jetty. The waiter also relocated our half-eaten desserts so we could enjoy them, now as fiancés, safe from the rain that was coming down in bucketfuls.

Sitting down at the new table, I had a perfect view of the jetty and where we had been just moments before. It was like I was briefly frozen in time, looking at myself through someone else's eyes. I realized how fortunate I was to be on vacation in Bali, and to have friends, family, and a fiancé who care about me immensely. I thought about the future and all the adventures that lie ahead, and I squeezed Julius' hand.  



  1. Yah!!! Congratulations!!!!!

    What a beautiful story and beautiful proposal. You both are glowing in all the pictures!

  2. It reads like a fairy tale Kelly... and it completely is. I'm so pleased for you both! The pictures say it all really :)

  3. Congratulations! What a great start to your next chapter!

  4. OMEDETOU~~~~~~!!!! Congratulations!!! I'm excited that such a beautiful story!!! But I was waiting for you guys engaged. I'm very very glad to hear that!!! ^^

  5. You made me cry.... so romantic nice one!! I think you should make a film of your adventures! Congratualations from Mike, Ruthie and your number one fan Sophia xxx

  6. Thank you for all your lovely comments! It was an unforgettable experience that only comes once in a lifetime.

  7. So beautifully written, Kelly! Congratulations to you and Julius! You guys make an awesome couple - I witnessed that :)

  8. I'm forever impressed. Well done Julius! Congratulations to you both!