Friday, March 16, 2012

Bali Part II

It was Julius' birthday, Friday March 9th. We woke up at 6am, but for once in my life I didn't mind getting up early. I was excited because I had planned a surprise activity for Julius. I had packed his bag the night before, so he had no idea where I was taking him. The only clue he got was when I told him how he should dress for the day: "Wear your bathing suit." This sent him into a frenzy of excitement, because he loves anything to do with water.

He started narrowing it down, trying to work out what I had up my sleeve. I just listened while wearing my best poker face. He concluded that it could be white water rafting, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, spending the day at the beach, kayaking, wake boarding, or taking a boat ride to a nearby island. I was really enjoying keeping him in suspense! It was 6:30am. Just an hour before we had to be in the lobby. It was time for breakfast.

Breakfast was an international buffet, and my eyes lit up when I saw the array of foods laid out everywhere. There was Japanese, Indonesian, American, and Chinese food. An assortment of breads and pastries, including donuts, waffles and pancakes filled a table. On a nearby counter there was bacon, sausage, potatoes, and an omelette station where you could choose your ingredients and a chef prepared it right in front of you, or if you preferred, you could have your eggs cooked any way you wanted: poached, scrambled, fried, hard boiled, you name it! Another counter was decorated with different tropical fruits like mangosteens, pineapple, melon, watermelon, rambutan made my mouth water. There was also juice stand with guava, mixed fruit, orange, and watermelon juices, and even coconut milk served in a coconut with a little straw.

We decided to focus on the pastries and breads for our first breakfast in Bali. Fortunately we had three more breakfasts remaining to dedicate to experimenting with the other varieties of food.

We got to the lobby right on time at 7:30am, and I looked around anxiously. There was no sign of the guy. A nightmare scene started playing through my mind: We're waiting there for an hour, the guy doesn't show up, the surprise is a failure and the day is ruined. The worst thing was I didn't have a backup plan.

I smiled at Julius, blocking the negative thoughts from my mind. I tried to appear relaxed. I'm completely at ease. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a very dark Balinese guy with sun-bleached hair. As he came our way, I noticed the words "Odyssey Surf School" on his t-shirt. Julius followed my gaze and a look of pure excitement dawned on his face.

"Are you Julius?" The surfer dude asked.


"Ready to go on a surfing tour?"

"Ahhh!! YES!!!!" I've never seen Julius so excited. He was like a teeny bopper at a Justin Bieber concert. The van was loaded up with four boards of various sizes, and we departed for Turtle Island to the tune of the Beach Boys "Surfing Safari".

I hung out on the beach tanning (burning rather) while the instructor, Made (pronounced "Mah-day"), and Julius surfed for a good three hours. Later Julius told me the water was so clear he could see the coral reef several meters below him. Coincidentally he had taken a picture of that exact break from the airplane because he thought it was such a beautiful spot. He was really happy with his surprise. But it wasn't over yet!

Julius and Made surfing at Turtle Island
Turtle Island break from the air

After a quick lunch of delicious fried noodles and saying lots of "No sook suh'mah" (no thank you in Balinese) to persistent older ladies touting massages, we headed to Uluwatu to check out the most famous and dangerous surf spot in Bali. Don't worry, we didn't surf there, we just wanted to see it.

Uluwatu was beautiful. It was a bit tricky to get to because you had to traverse a network of flimsy wooden bridges and ghetto cement staircases to reach a dubious bar/restaurant staffed with more aging masseuses. From there you could finally get a clear view of the sea.

Uluwatu. Notice the extremely flimsy wooden staircase ascending into the rock on the left.

The birthday surprise was a huge success, and I was so happy that Julius had enjoyed himself immensely. There we just enough time to get back to the hotel, shower and take a quick nap before our 6pm rendezvous on Ayana Resorts's private pier for the romantic lobster dinner our parents had booked for us. The dinner was so epic that it deserves a post of its own.

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  1. This is NICE story and Happy B-day to Julius!! and also "good job" Kelly!^^
    You and Julius are very nice couple! I envy you guys!!!^^
    Enjoy Singapore!! From Mutsumi.