Monday, February 13, 2012


Julius and I celebrated our anniversary (it's been four years since we first met) on Friday at a classy restaurant called Flutes at the Fort.  He had the scallops and lobster. I had the cream of chicken soup and beef tenderloin with gratin dauphinois. Simply delicious. For dessert we shared the Earl Grey Crème Brûlée, which knocked our socks off. I mean, look how gorgeous it is! Tasted even better.

Earl Grey Crème Brûlée

A Friday night could not be complete without a trip to Clarke Quay, the party district of Singapore. There you can find a Hooters restaurant, loads of bars with various live bands playing, and we even stumbled upon a Persian restaurant called Shiraz with a crowd-stopping belly dancer.

We didn't participate in the debauchery of Clarke Quay that evening. Julius' main purpose for taking me there was the river cruise. The Singapore River Experience took us away from the mayhem of Clarke Quay and led us down the river towards the Marina in a cute old-fashioned boat. A recording in a peppy female voice told the story of Singapore's rise to prosperity as we gawked at the many massive skyscrapers lining the riverfront.

"The riverfront was transformed from a seedy neighborhood rife with mafia crime and prostitutes to a dining and entertainment oasis!" The recording boasted.

There was a very nice statue of children jumping into the river, which was part of a collection of statues showing the old way of life. The recording explained that children living in houses near the water's edge would play and jump into the river. You definitely won't find any poor kids living around the river these days, as the old houses have been torn down to pave the way for development.

The Singapore Flyer (far left), the ArtScience Museum (the oddly shaped building behind the boat), and the Marina Bay Sands (three towers with a boat on top)

On the way home in the MRT we saw two funny signs I'd like to share with you. Have you ever seen sunscreen that strong before??

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  1. Before you leave Singapore, would it be possible to send me that belly-dancer? It would be wonderful souvenir.