Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beauty in Everyday Nature

Gordon the Gecko

Gordon is our pet gecko. He doesn't live in a cage. In fact, we didn't even buy him. He's more like a flatmate than a pet. He comes and goes as he pleases and we only see him every once in awhile, but at least he's friendly and cleans up around the apartment by getting rid of the insects. 

Actually these geckos are literally everywhere, so for Singaporeans having a gecko in the house is nothing special, but for me it's a real treat! 

This flower, called the Spider Flower, is also common and you can see them all over Singapore. It's beautifully exotic.

Spider Flower

It's been a bit cooler (around 26°C) and raining a little more frequently the last few days, for which I am thankful. People take cover under the many covered walkways because when it rains here, it pours. Giant drops plummet from the sky and land on the rooftops, trees, and ground with such force that the resulting sound is very melodic and soothing. A clean, earthy scent fills the air after a rain shower, which reminds me of playing in the dirt as a child. Listen and watch:


  1. I love the spider flower, so beautiful!!

  2. you should tell people correctly, it's not just pouring, it's Singa-pouring...;)