Friday, January 20, 2012

Jetstar - the Ryanair of Asia

I've just discovered Jetstar, which is a low-cost airline -- the  Ryanair of Asia, as it were. These are the destinations they offer from Singapore:

I'd love to go to Australia and New Zealand, but 8 and 10 hour flights respectively don't seem feasible for a quick weekend away. We'll be going to China for two weeks in May to visit my uncle, so that's definitely to come. Osaka, Japan is 6 hours away, which is borderline a bit too distant, but that's a trip I may need to make in order to satiate my desire for authentic Udon noodle soup, as I am now officially addicted thanks to Koya here in Soho.

Koya in Frith Street, Soho. My favorite restaurant in London.

My current plan is to look into the other destinations in more detail, because I'm embarrassed to admit that I know virtually nothing about most of the places on that list. Thanks to everyone's comments and suggestions, we're definitely going to consider Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. However, it's hard to make such a weighty decision without doing a bit more research first, as this is a decision which will affect the course of this blog and the content (pictures and stories) I will be posting here to entertain you good people. Please stay tuned!

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