Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saying Goodbye: Part 1

Yesterday was my last lunch with the girls. We had California-style burritos at Tortilla in Hammersmith. The burritos there are actually pretty good. Unfortunately we were missing Marianne, but I'm hoping she'll come visit me in Singapore!

From left to right: Anna, Renata, Rebecca, and Kelly 

Today was my last yoga class with Aina at Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden. I've been going twice a week since the summer. Come to think of it, that's not very long, but Aina's classes are so intense they really kick your butt into shape quickly! You start noticing the difference in your body right away. It feels as if I've been going to her classes for years! I could go on about yoga, but this video perfectly sums up everything I want to say:

Now that leaves me with the challenge of finding yoga classes in Singapore that are up to scratch. I am very picky, as I've been extremely spoilt with amazing yoga teachers since I started doing yoga four years ago, first with Juris in Orange County, California, and now Aina in London... can it get any better than that!?! I doubt it!

The other thing I did today was purchase travel insurance with Virgin Money. I am so relieved I got this taken care of (and not a moment too soon!) because now I have the peace of mind that if Julius or I have to see a doctor in Singapore or Bali or somewhere for whatever reason, we won't have to pay a dime!

We got the Backpacker Red policy for £182.07 (for both of us including excess waiver) for four months of coverage anywhere in the world excluding the USA and Canada. The maximum for medical is £5 million for each of us per claim.The excess waiver was £20, but it was completely worth it. Without the excess waiver, we would have had to pay £150 out of pocket for each medical claim before Virgin paid anything. So if I wanted to go to the doctor for a check-up and it was say £50, I would have had to pay for it. Then if I had to go to the doctor again one month later and it cost £50, I would have had to pay for that as well. So for £20 we got this waived for both Julius and me. I booked this policy over the phone and because I was unsure about taking it at first, they enticed me a 5% discount, which saved us almost £10. So folks, if you ever get travel insurance with Virgin, don't forget to ask them about the 5% discount.

Tonight we're having a leaving dinner with our work colleagues from Imperial, and tomorrow is our going away party at our place, so stay tuned for Saying Goodbye: Part 2!

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