Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Last 24 hours in London!

The last day of January is also our last day in London. And not a moment too soon. A cold front is approaching, and fast! When we leave London this evening it's going to be 1°C / 34°F and cloudy, and in Singapore when we arrive on Wednesday evening it's going to be be 28°C / 82°F with a heavy rain shower.

We're about to leave for the airport, but I just want to quickly tell you about our last dinner in London. It was absolutely extraordinary.

My favorite type of restaurant is the kind you go to, don't order anything, and eat like a king (or queen!). That's how Julius and I felt at Gauthier last night. Carlos, the Head Chef, decided what we were going to have, and we trusted him fully.

Our first plate was seared scallops. Next we had risotto with jus de poulet. Then we had red mullet and prawn with fennel, comfit tomato & Meyer lemon and jalapeƱo-lime jus. After that we had Welsh lamb and lamb shoulder that was braised for 72 hours, which was our favorite. For dessert we had Golden Louis XV, which was wafers with velvety dark chocolate. The sommelier paired wines with each of the plates and they matched perfectly. It was a night to remember!

Our favorite: Welsh lamb leg with lamb shoulder braised for 72 hours

Kelly, "Chad", Carlos, and Julius in the kitchen at Gauthier

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  1. You must be in Singapore by now! How is it?? So sad you are gone though :(
    p.s. You have some strange dating ads showing on your website, might want to get that changed...